Change of season

Monotony leads to boredom paving way for depression and anxiety. It is really a great blessing of Almighty on Pakistan that people in this country enjoy four seasons. Though all dont share equal time of their presense and summer is the ruler of seasons, spring and winter are the most cherished ones. The cold winter nights are not the symbol of loneliness and fright, rather the inhabitants wait all the year round to get the fun in chilling cold weather. It is probably the sweating in long summer months that allow people to make the maximum out of their winters. The great thing about winters is that one doesn’t need  to be very rich to stay comfortable and happy. In summers one needs to have pockets full to be able to afford air conditioners but in winters, one can simply burn some wood, drink some tea or wear thick clothing to feel comfortable. Afterall winter comes as  guest so some of its harsh days are tolerated with a smile for it leaves people very soon  under the sun. All weathers have their characterictic taste and colors. We should try to make the best out of every season that life ushers us into and keep our faith, because after every night is a day, after every autumn a spring and after every death a life!